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Please note: The Fraud Reporting System has a timeout feature that will log you out if there is no activity within 20 consecutive minutes.

Prior to the timing out, the application will pop-up a message asking you to reset your session.

“Firefighters and police personnel conducted immediate patrols of the area in an effort to locate the operator of the drone, however, no one was located.

The drone left the area and EHS Life Flight was able to take off from the scene.

The Better Business Bureau has published a list of the top 10 scams in the country, and how much has been lost to each to date. It’s basically a cheque-cashing scheme that’s simply too good to be true. Romance scams are the second-most reported scam; online dating is big business to some scammers.

Catfishing is when a fraudster fakes an identity and tricks someone via dating sites into false emotional or romantic relationships for financial gain.

During the course of the investigation, police identified other victims and believe this man could have offended against additional women.Conditions include not accessing or utilizing any social networking or online dating websites, advising any person he is intending to have sexual intercourse with of his HIV status and wear a condom during sexual intercourse. The drone caused concern due to its proximity to the emergency scene and at times, it flew too close to the scene, infringing on rescue operations,” a press release issued by Nova Scotia RCMP July 20 reads.The drone’s proximity caused great concern for emergency responders on scene.” Reckless use of a drone can lead to penalties defined by the Aeronautics Act and Criminal Code.To report a drone-related incident, visit RCMP is investigating the Avonport incident and would asking that anyone with information contact Kings District RCMP at 902-679-5555.

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