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Diana and Steve’s conversation in the boat scene touches on some pretty fundamental aspects of our day to day lives — namely, sex and reproduction.It's hilarious that Diana is so blunt about these subjects whilst Steve awkwardly tiptoes around them, as he ultimately fails to provide satisfactory answers to her questions.Have you ever wondered what Greek god or goddess you are? Zeus, the Lord of the sky and the king of the gods. Not all agree, so I think this assumption is better explicitly questioned.One of the major difficulties here is that just a dictionary definition doesn't cut it, because it's difficult to really know what the Greek word really meant 2000 years ago.,12 It's also worth noting that this word is one of the root words for pornography.Regarding your link In this answer, I point out the clear and obvious refutation to link that you provided above.

If the answers are no, you're not a teenager who uses alcohol or drugs.

Raking in the cash and inspiring kids and women alike, Wonder Woman is a smash hit.

This success is due not only to its well-structured story and perfect cast, but also because of its fresh perspective.

In particular, fans have found the optimism that’s borne through her fight with Ares to be a welcome light in the pervading grimness of the #DCEU. The scene in question is the beginning of Diana (#Gal Gadot) and Steve’s (#Chris Pine) long boat ride to London.

Yet moviegoers have also responded to how empowering the film is; the No Man’s Land assault is already becoming a pivotal moment in superhero movie history, but the film also contains another, less-discussed scene that’s just as key to understanding the ethos of Wonder Woman. Up until this point in the film, the peculiarity of Steve’s arrival, the brutal German attack and Diana’s theft of the God-Killer sword have meant that they haven’t had chance to get properly acquainted.

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