One2one live cam

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', and the answers are in the form of conversations on both sides of the equation and roles of film clips and multiple photographs both casual and posed that give the public the persona of each subject.

This is not the work of paparazzi photographers but that of committed artists who work WITH their subjects in finding what makes them luminaries.

English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese languages are supported, both users must wear an earpiece, translation takes between 3 to 5 seconds to process, so not quite as responsive as a human translator.

Machine translation has been available for a while though services like Google Translate, but depending on the languages you use, the results are not always pretty.

I've seen some code which allows recording of individual 'images' from the webcam by sending the data to the canvas - that's cool, but I need the audio too.

If this is possible, I should then be able to save this data to flv or any other video format.

My preference is actually to record the webcam audio client-side, to allow the client to re-record videos if they didn't like their first attempt before uploading.

The device was unveiled at the United Nations Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good Summit in Switzerland, as it combines IBM Watson’s Natural Language and Language Translation APIs, together with Lingmo’s proprietary hardware and machine learning applications.

It’s said to be working as an independent device without the need for Bluetooth or Wi Fi connectivity, which is a little confusing since it surely must rely on IBM Watson servers, unless everything is embedded in the device itself.

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