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Badass Bookworm Hermione is probably the closest in canon terms to her original counterpart, the only difference now being that she has become the Butt-Monkey of Hogwarts.She tries in vain to help Harry on his journey, but learns to step aside and allow him to learn and grow on his own. You listen to me now: for eleven years, I was a Muggle douchebag living under some stairs.This year, I found out I'm a wizard, and I'm famous. "Much like his canon counterpart, Harry Potter is "the boy who lived", an orphan made famous by being the only wizard to ever survive Voldemort's killing curse.

Post-Grad is about the lives of the two series stars that follow through the events and mistakes after college graduation.

He can become an author and get himself on the road to fame without someone by his side...right?

Since I was about twenty-two, I only hurt myself once or twice a year, typically, but it has become such a that it’s my first impulse every time I feel emotionally overwhelmed.

I can fly and turn invisible, and I just traveled the fuck back in time! However in this universe he embraces his fame and sees himself as the coolest kid in school who can charm anyone with his guitar.

So fuck you, Draco, how's that for a happy thought? He's a bit too full of himself, as it turns out, but as the show goes on, he begins to grow as a person and get ready to face his fate as he battles Voldemort.

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