Xbox 360 not updating shared folder

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This Microsoft support page has some generally useless information about this issue. By default, your Essentials 2012-based media library will be seen as “Digital Media Library” in connecting clients such as Windows Media Player or the Xbox 360.

if you're currently saving to the hard drive, try saving to a USB (use a USB that is formatted for use with an Xbox 360 (instructions for this are on the Xbox Support website).

Give the Folder a title and click the Submit button.

After a few moments (or minutes if you have a lot of media in this folder), TVersity will have added the contents to its library.

That said, if you skip over this step, you can enable the media server at any time by visiting Settings, Media from the Dashboard. You can set this to one of four settings—low, medium, high, and best—but note that your server’s ability to effectively stream video at these settings is in fact determined by the performance of the server’s processor.

This is unfortunately hard to gauge because—wait for it—Windows Server 2012 doesn’t actually provide a WEI (Windows Experience Index) score anymore.

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