Imo and ecdis mandating professor dating a graduate student

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The first LP News in this series was an all-encompassing introduction to ECDIS and dealt with the fundamentals such as ‘what is (and isn’t) ECDIS?

’, the general training obligations relating to the use of ECDIS as laid out under the provisions of the STCW 95 and ISM codes, the implementation dates by ship type and size, and the attitudes of Flag States and Port State Control.

Carriage of stability instruments mandatory for tankers Mandatory carriage requirements for a stability instrument for oil tankers and chemical tankers enter into force on January 1, under amendments to MARPOL Annex I, the Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carrying.

Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (BCH Code), the International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (IBC Code) and the International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC Code).

Amendment 37-14 to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code The amendments to the IMDG Code become mandatory from January 1.

They include updates to the provisions for radioactive material, reflecting the latest (2012) provisions from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), new marking requirements for “overpack” and “salvage” and updates to various individual packing requirements.

Look ago MAC predicted an increase in accidents involving Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems for a variety of reasons and as the devices are increasingly deployed lack of available trainers and too many different devices are causing concern. The UK P&I Club recently completed a series of three short articles as a guide to the mystery surrounding electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS).

- new SOLAS regulation II-2/20-1, which provides additional safety measures for vehicle carriers with vehicle and ro-ro spaces intended for carriage of motor vehicles with compressed hydrogen or compressed natural gas in their tanks for their own propulsion as cargo.

Training: Related to Use of ECDIS, via Type Specific and updated ISM procedures and Risk Assessment, as well as use of Electronic Charts, Digital Pubs and relevant updated ISM procedures ECDIS has now been under its full implementation on board all ships mandated to fit ECDIS.

Being now just two years before completion of mandating date a significant number of ships are still due to fit ECDIS systems.

Transas Complete ECDIS package includes full range of services for ECDIS compliance, including type-approved ECDIS, Transas Admiralty Data Service TADS (official charts and other data), Navi-Planner voyage planning software, Pay As You Sail option, Wave fuel efficiency monitoring, weather service, ECDIS Training through extensive Transas Global Training Network GET-Net, service and maintenance.

Navi-Planner 4000 is a tool which makes voyage planning easy for navigators and efficient for ship owners.

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