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So since the game play of the Genesis version was a lot more true to the arcade then the Super Nintendo version they developers didn't bother changing anything in this port.

Back on the Genesis version if you wanted to get access to the gore and blood of the game you had to type in a code to get it, but on the Sega CD version they got rid of that so right from the start so you get access to all of the blood and uncut fatalities (in the Genesis copy if you didn't punch in the blood code and did a fatality it would be cut and would be pretty much totally different that what the original would be).

is a Japanese media franchise based on the video game series.

Currently, the series has only been released in Japan, with the exception of a Chinese PC version of the first game in the series.

Developers were incredibly creative with squeezing everything they could out of that space, but extensive voices, real music, and video were pretty much out of the question.

You cycle through eight cameras, eavesdropping on the occupants of the house and discovering clues which help you activate traps in the house to capture the Augers.

Like re-release has been high on my wish list basically forever, as I couldn't even begin to estimate the amount of time I spent trying to beat the game in an era before I could just look up a guide on Game FAQs.

I just want to say from the very beginning that I'm going to compare the Sega CD version to the Genesis version so if your looking for a absolutely full review then I suggest reading my review of the Sega CD version and reading a detailed review that someone else made of the Genesis version.

Game play: 4The Sega CD port of Mortal Kombat is pretty straight forward so things that didn't need changing didn't get changed.

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