Problem updating windows 8

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Not only was Windows 8 confusing, but Microsoft keeps changing how the new operating system works with every update.One of the most confusing aspects to Windows 7 and Windows 8 is the anti-virus solutions provided by Microsoft.Thankfully, many free programs exist that will fix the most common problems on your PC.

I recently had a client who bought a Windows 8.1 machine to me where the Windows apps would appear to open, but then would close and return back to the Start Screen.

If you are having this issue where an app fails to […] Along with the all the new stuff in Windows 8 that you either hate or love like the Start screen and missing start button, there are a lot of background features that are really good and useful. So what are storage spaces and how can you use them […] Recently, I had a client come in with a Windows 8 PC that had live tiles that were not updating.

Upon connecting up his computer, I was surprised to see that not only were the live tiles not updating, they had these strange little down arrows on them and nothing else.

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